The landscape designer from Romany will visit the site and will make a plan based on your location, lighting, the theme, and the people using the landscape and so on. With the initial consultation, we will come with a concept plan that will explore the site’s strengths and weaknesses. Then by discussing with the client, Romany designers will chart a master plan and a working plan, followed by additional plan documents, if any.

Romany being one of the most reputed landscaping companies in UAE, provides the best modern landscape design. You can define modern landscape design by its clean edges and uncluttered look. This is a refreshing look to a traditional architectural style. And perfect for contemporary and modern homes as well.

We use lines to accentuate an object, draw attention to a particular point or area or make a large space look compact or to direct a visitor to the house or to an area of attraction in the landscape.  
Rhythm plays an important role in landscape designing. By rhythm, here we mean the repetition of elements that will help create a sense of peace and unity. As the best landscaping companies in Dubai, we do this by placing plants, hardware materials, amenities and so on.
Through proper landscaping, you can have a beautiful and well-maintained lawn and increase the aesthetic appeal of your property several times fold. With a reputed landscaping company like Romany, you can be assured of top quality services.
Apart from the aesthetic appeal and increasing the value of your property, doing landscaping can offer solutions to multiple environmental issues, keeps the surroundings cool, has purified air because of the plants, and protects the natural resources and ecology.
In the lawn, real grass is planted, while for the turf, fake or synthetic grass-like substances are used to make it look like a lawn. You will generally find both in residential and commercial areas, depending on the purpose. Being the best landscaping companies in Dubai, we offer both at affordable rates.
The cost of landscaping can vary depending on the size of your yard, the tasks you want done and the duration of the project. As landscaping companies in UAE, we offer the best rates for landscaping. We can visit your property and give an estimate.
There are so many different kinds of landscaping that landscape designers plan for a yard depending on client interest, the lay of the land and the weather. Some of the popular varieties are native, rustic, contemporary, modern, beach, formal style, desert, tropical, tuscan and English garden.