Romany Landscape and Design LLC offer a plethora of services apart from beautiful, functional and aesthetically brilliant sustainable landscapes. We do technical installations of the various elements for the Dubai garden landscaping, and that includes irritation systems, lighting systems, swimming pools, fountains, softscapes and pergolas. Installation of all the elements that we just described can enhance the landscape once we finish designing and building them. We are also experts at designing and building outdoor barbecue kitchens where you can host parties and entertain guests and designing and building kid’s play areas with slides, climbing gear, rocking animals and so on (age-appropriate, of course). We will visit your property to see how we can transform the look and feel of your front and backyard and transform it into something unique, functional and eye-catching. Our services in Dubai garden landscaping thus include:

  • Sustainable landscapes
  • Technical installations
  • Swimming pools and fountains
  • Functional and aesthetic lighting
  • Softscape and Irrigation systems
  • Pergolas
  • Importance of garden landscaping

Having a nicely planned garden landscaping in your property not only serves as a treat to the eye, but it also allows for a lot of other advantages like planting different varieties of plants to provide shade, capture dust and smoke particles, prevent other pollutants from entering your property and generally, to improve the air quality around your home. Your home will get the right amount of sun, wind and shade through the different months of the year. You are doing your bit to aid in stormwater management, support the local ecosystem and prevent soil erosion. A well-planned Dubai garden landscaping would protect the natural waterways, rejuvenate wetlands and protect natural waterways. 

  • Services involved in garden landscaping

Garden and landscape serve as a home improvement and home enhancement technique so with the perfect landscape planned on your property, you will have a magnificent showpiece cum utilitarian feature that will enhance its value. Services involved in the landscape include different varieties of plants, rocks, fountains, water gardens, kids play areas, shades and other technical installations. These include placing elements that will enhance the look of your garden, and make it not only impressionable, but highly functional too. The garden is not just any area in your house, it is a place that creates the first impression, and impression that will stay in their minds for a very long time. There are a lot of factors that’s involved in creating a functional, aesthetic and unique landscape and we can help you design the perfect one. Your landscape will be the talk of the town.

  • Benefits of using Aluminium Pergolas in garden landscaping

One of our services include placing aluminium pergolas in the garden landscaping. Being one of the best aluminium pergola manufacturers in Dubai, our pergolas have premier external power coating, making them rust and corrosion resistant. The pergolas are durable, beautiful and add value to your property. The versatility of our pergolas makes them perfect for your outdoors, providing shelter from the scorching heat during the summer, and adequate protection during the rains. Our speciality lies in designing the pergolas according to the landscape we design, so not only would they be visually appealing, but will also serve their purposeCheck out the various customisable design options that we have for the pergolas and we can help you choose the best design for your property.

  • Types of aluminium pergolas for Landscaping

Aluminium pergolas are always the best option and they serve a variety of purposes because of their durability, resistance to rust and corrosion and low maintenance factors. You can choose from any kind of aluminium pergola design that we offer, depending on where you want to place them. The pergolas can be configured to suit your landscape and backyard or front yard design. We can customise the pergolas for your yard, based on the size and shape of the landscape. So you can choose from among or following offerings:

  • Pergola Rail Awning Systems - The pergola awning systems are perfect for workplaces, restaurants, beaches and terraces as they provide the right amount of shade and shelter, making it very comfortable for resting or lounging. Apart from adding to the visual appeal to the place, you can go for stunning, stylish options among our pergola awning systems. 
  • Classroof Series with BioClimatic and BioCompact Ceiling Pergolas -The Classroof Series is one of the prime pergolas of Romany. The design and functioning of the system is totally unique, making our product a class apart from the rest. This is done through our BioClimatic and BioCompact Ceiling System, a strong and highly durable system that makes your outdoor space comfortable and attractive throughout the year. The special mechanism integrated in these sunroof systems enables smooth and easy retracing and unfolding movements.  The BioCompact system is a shading system in the ceiling. You can adjust the roof at a desired angle, so you can actually control the amount of sun entering the area where it’s installed. The BioClimatic system in the installed pergolas makes them durable, comfortable and safe for use during all kinds of weather. The pergolas can withstand the pressure of time, thanks to the quality of materials with which they are manufactured and the precision with which they are made.  Our Classroof pergola series have multiple usages and can be placed in house, greenhouses, beaches, pools, roofless areas, patio, cafes, restaurants, balcony, terrace and over workplaces. 
  • Glass Systems - Another of our prime products is the glass systems to deliver the highest levels of beauty and class to your building. Installing any type of glass system would provide you just the right amount of protection and magnificent views of the outdoors. Check out a few of the varieties of glass systems that we offer:
  • Glass facade systems
  • Glass door and window systems
  • Glass balcony systems
  • Glass railing systems
  • Glass partition systems. 

We align the pergolas to the architecture of your building and landscape design to add value and style.

  • Why choose Romany for Aluminium pergola manufacturing

Since the landscape and the different elements that make up the landscape and the pergolas enhance the value of your property, it is imperative to have thorough professionals designing and building them for you. We have earned quite a reputation as one of the most trusted aluminium pergola manufacturers in Dubai.We have experts with several years of experience behind them and a huge portfolio of works to showcase our expertise. Apart from designing and installing them, we also focus on the after-maintenance service so your pergolas look visually appealing all year through. We offer the best prices for the pergolas. The quality is the best in the market with super performance and automated security features that will offer just the right kind of protection you need. The pergolas are our prime product and they are built with supreme levels of precision and care.   Get in touch with us today to know more about our pergola installation services.

Yes, we can design a portion of your garden and convert it into a landscape. Our designer will be accompanied by the Dubai garden landscaping team to go over your yard to analyze the different styles and designs that would be suitable for it.
No, the landscapers do not need to enter your home. They will be bringing all the materials to do the landscaping, you don't have to provide anything.
Based on the size of the yard, our team would design the most sustainable and environmentally friendly landscape. We will design natural plants, waterscapes, pergolas, rock gardens, walkways and other landscaping elements depending on the property.
It doesn't matter if you have a very small space for the garden, we can incorporate lines and angular shapes to work well with a small space. With proper Dubai garden landscaping and plan execution, we can make it look spacious even.
Yes, we will arrange for the plants that we will be planting in your garden.
Aluminum pergolas are not very expensive, and they are cheaper than fiberglass pergolas. As trusted aluminum pergola manufacturers in Dubai w will explain the costs once you decide the area you want covered, the rate could vary, starting from $20.
As trusted aluminum pergola manufacturers in Dubai, we are very insistent about the quality of products sold. The pergolas will easily last for more than 20 years.
Our aluminum pergolas are quite durable and weather resistant, and so will not rust, crack or degrade with time. They do not rot or require regular maintenance.
The aluminum pergolas make noise when rain falls on them.
Being one of the best aluminum pergola manufacturers in Dubai, you get the highest quality pergolas from Romany. Normally, the pergolas do not require painting, but you can paint them if you want. Check the warranty before you do.