Yes, we can design a portion of your garden and convert it into a landscape. Our designer will be accompanied by the Dubai garden landscaping team to go over your yard to analyze the different styles and designs that would be suitable for it.
No, the landscapers do not need to enter your home. They will be bringing all the materials to do the landscaping, you don't have to provide anything.
Based on the size of the yard, our team would design the most sustainable and environmentally friendly landscape. We will design natural plants, waterscapes, pergolas, rock gardens, walkways and other landscaping elements depending on the property.
It doesn't matter if you have a very small space for the garden, we can incorporate lines and angular shapes to work well with a small space. With proper Dubai garden landscaping and plan execution, we can make it look spacious even.
Yes, we will arrange for the plants that we will be planting in your garden.
Aluminum pergolas are not very expensive, and they are cheaper than fiberglass pergolas. As trusted aluminum pergola manufacturers in Dubai w will explain the costs once you decide the area you want covered, the rate could vary, starting from $20.
As trusted aluminum pergola manufacturers in Dubai, we are very insistent about the quality of products sold. The pergolas will easily last for more than 20 years.
Our aluminum pergolas are quite durable and weather resistant, and so will not rust, crack or degrade with time. They do not rot or require regular maintenance.
The aluminum pergolas make noise when rain falls on them.
Being one of the best aluminum pergola manufacturers in Dubai, you get the highest quality pergolas from Romany. Normally, the pergolas do not require painting, but you can paint them if you want. Check the warranty before you do.