Bioclimatic Pergola

What is Bioclimatic Pergola?

We are proud to deal with Bioclimatic pergolas. We are at present, the only franchisees for Bioclimatic pergola in UAE. The biggest advantage of Bioclimatic series is that these can be successfully incorporated in any kind of space.

So, what are Bioclimatic pergolas?

Bioclimatic pergola in UAE is the latest technological innovations that make the pergolas strong, durable, easy to operate, climate controlled, flame retardant and easily retractable. They can be attached or installed anywhere and can be suited to any home or work environment.

One of our best products, the Bioclimatic Retractable Pergola incorporates a new and innovative technology that delivers comfort and convenience, enabling people to enjoy outdoor activities. Since the pergolas are automated, they provide the perfect balance of shade even when the sun is scorching hot outside. They  can be adjusted to your preferences, thereby preventing the need for air conditioning or additional lighting elements.

Automated pergola in UAE is manufactured according to the comfort and need of the customers. We are in the process of manufacturing different styles of the pergolas and presently, we have two main series - 1600 RCS and 1400 RCS. The Pergola 1600 RCS has a maximum width of 1200mm, with a maximum expansion of 10000 mm. We are one step ahead of our competitors with an extra insulation wick so you can enjoy spending outdoors with no worries about the scorching summer heat. On the lower part of the strut profile, the material used is cast aluminium, adding to its durability and strength. The curved shape of the pergolas allows the smooth flowing of the rain water into the gutter. The pergolas can either be free standing or installed against the wall.  The Pergola 1400 RCSSeries has a maximum width of 11000 mm and maximum expansion of 8000mm.

Bioclimatic Pergola – Key Features

Our bioclimatic retractable pergola comes fitted with motors so they will work automatically according to the different climatic conditions. The brand motors Somfy/Becker is used in the pergolas. The motors used are 120nm, and they come controlled with a remote control. Thanks to the quality and superiority of the systems, they do not interfere with other radio-frequency. The controllers come with single channel and multi-channel options.

The pergolas are integrated with Wind Sensors. The system shuts itself down in case of strong winds. Customers can set the desired wind intensity, so it will shut down when the wind crosses that particular limit.

There are Sun Sensors too, prompting the pergolas to shut itself down following sunlight detection.

You can control the pergolas functioning remotely too, through your tablets, PCs, smart phones etc. The pergolas are also integrated with the SOMFY Connexoon interface. The Somfy motor is the market leader in motorised automation systems.

With our Bioclimatic pergolas, you can enjoy the following features:

●     Automated retracting and folding

●     Climate-control

●     Wind-control

●     Sun-control

●     Remote access

●     Multi-channel options

The pergolas are made from extrusion profile T56063 and the different parts of the pergolas are manufactured to perfection to incorporate different features.

The rail profile can be opened up to 8 metres on its own, without additional props to keep it upright. The cylindrical channels on the rail prevents water and air from getting trapped in the pergolas, especially between the awning and the fabric.

The strut profile placed at the front of the pergolas, and mounted at the bottom of the rain gutter, helps in draining the rain water away.

The rain gutter profile in the pergolas slows for efficient discharge of the rain water. And this also adds to the durability of the awning.

The pergolas are integrated with a large fabric profile, on the front and back of the fabric. This aids in the movement of the awning fabric.

The small fabric profile provides for wider front length of the awning, without using additional columns. 

Romany uses the premier materials to manufacture the glass systems and integrate remote control systems, mainly on our Guillotine glass system and Sliding systems.

Other attachment options in the pergolas that facilitates their functioning are sliding glass, zip curtains and guillotine glass. These are of the highest quality and provide UV protection, and protection from sun, wind and rain.

Benefits of Bioclimatic Pergola

Bioclimatic pergolas can be placed anywhere, outside the house, on your terrace, attached to your restaurant or store, anywhere you think you need a place for relaxation or sufficient protection from the rain, heavy winds and sun. With the design styles and innovation generated by our company, you can enjoy the combination of aesthetics and practicality, all fused into one. The benefit of our pergolas is that they are integrated with a drainage system that will prevent the water from entering and clogging during the rainy season. Here are the main advantages of incorporating our pergolas in your property:

Sun protection - The pergolas are motorised and automated, and when the heat reaches a certain limit, the pergolas will close by themselves. Also the blades at the pergolas are regular so you can control the amount of light entering the area.

Water-proof and rain protection - Our pergolas are engineered to perfection and crafted to precision. The water will be evacuated from the pergolas and then drained out and will not fall back when the blades are reoriented.

Energy Efficiency -  The bioclimatic pergolas are energy efficient because you can control the amount of heat inside, thereby reducing the need for air conditioning, and saving on utility bills.  

And finally, style and personalisation - Bioclimatic pergolas can be custom-fit to suit your building structure and style. And they add to aesthetic beauty of your home, a new perspective to the garden, apart from the obvious safety and security features.

Different Applications of Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas are a beautiful addition to your home or commercial space. With the motorised and adjustable slats and different options for great fabric, you can easily regulate the heat, light, wind and air in your outdoor space. The applications of the pergolas make them really very useful and effective. You can install them on your garden, on the rooftop, attached to the side of your building, restaurants, cafes, balconies and so on.

What is bioclimatic retractable pergola?

The bioclimatic retractable pergola is a new innovation in the pergolas since they come with folding and motorised blades for easy application. These can be fitted to suit any kind of space, can withstand weather and can be fitted anywhere in your home or office. The electric pergolas have tilting slats or blades that help control the climate and the airflow into the rooms, and these can be controlled with the help of remote control. The slats can retract to one side to allow maximum exposure of light when required. 

The adjustable pergolas are both an aesthetic and utilitarian option for your home/office because they can be configured to suit any style or shape. It allows just the right amount of sun rays into the rooms while closing itself tight. It is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about water entering the rooms when it rains hard. 

Benefits & Uses of bioclimatic retractable pergola

The biggest benefit of the bioclimatic retractable pergola is that it can be placed anywhere - both outdoors and indoors. The pergolas have unique designs and can protect your home/office from the sun and the rain, while allowing the right amount of airflow. And these can increase the value of your home because you can expand the space and optimise it accordingly. You can sit under the pergolas anytime, come rain, summer or winter. 

Custom-made bioclimatic pergolas can add real value to your property, in terms of modernity, functionality and aesthetics. We can help you choose the right colours and provide them with excellent finish so the pergolas will blend in well with your property. The pergolas are definitely an aesthetic way to create an extension for your homes. Another advantage is that you can control it remotely, thanks to the intricately built sensors.

Needs or applications of Automated pergola in UAE

Installing the bioclimatic retractable pergola in UAE is an excellent option because the summer heat can get really unbearable. When you have these automatic pergolas, you can allow the maximum light into the rooms when you need them, but without worrying about the heat. This way you can keep a check on the utility bills and control using the air-conditioning systems. 

The pergolas when placed outdoors can offer excellent shade when you want to relax in the garden. Since the roof slats can be tilted according to your wish, they will automatically adjust the sunlight and provide the shade whenever needed. Since the pergolas can be a standalone object, you can practically place them anywhere within the property.

Why to select Romany LandScape?

Romany Landscape is a highly reputed company dealing in world class pergolas and landscaping equipments and accessories. SInce we have excellent engineers, architects and talented designers, we are ready to try out Patented solutions for your pergolas. 

Apart from protection from the sun, wind and other vagrancies of the weather, we also install automated pergolas that will close down by themselves in case of strong winds or sun. They can be automatic functioning or remote controlled, and will not interfere with other radio frequencies. Our pergolas are strong and unique and designed with durability and quality in mind.  For this purpose we have incorporated:

  • Multi-channel options - Users can enjoy controllers with single-channel and multi-channel options.
  • Wind sensors - Shut down during strong winds
  • Sun sensors - Automatic shutdown when the pergolas detect sunlight
  • Remote control systems - Remotely controlling the systems through your phone, tablet or PC.

Give us a call to see how we can transform your property and make it beautiful, utilitarian and unique. The pergolas are a definite addition to your property, no doubt about it.


  • What is the importance of bioclimatic design?

We provide the best design for the Bioclimatic Pergola In UAE. The pergolas is one way to have an environment-friendly building that protects it from the sun, wind and rain. We are experts at having bioclimatic design for your architecture.

  • What are the advantages of bioclimatic architecture?

By designing building bioclimatic retractable pergola according to contemporary architecture, you can have buildings that are based on the local climate. It ensures thermal comfort using environmental resources. It can lower carbon footprint and reduce utility bills.

  • How much does a bioclimatic pergola cost?

The price of bioclimatic pergolas can start from around AED 2500 and depends on the materials, the size and other factors and accessories added to it.

  • How much shade does pergola provide?

Pergolas provide excellent shade from the wind, sun and rain. Of course, it will also depend on the material used and the design of the pergolas.

  • How does a pergola stay in place?

We use concrete blocks to make the automated pergola in UAE stay in place because they are heavy and sturdy. We will consider the wind load in your area before deciding on the type of concrete blocks that are to be used.

  • What is the best height for a pergola?

The ideal height for the automated pergola in UAE is 10 feet to 12 feet, but that can be reduced to 8 feet to 12 feet depending on the span of the interiors.

  • How do you add privacy to a pergola?

We can survey your yard and look for natural shade so you can have enough privacy. Trees can add an extra layer of shade and privacy. Additionally, we can also place artificial hedges or rows of bamboo as well to enhance the look of your bioclimatic retractable pergola.

  • Are pergolas hard to maintain?

No, we install the best Bioclimatic Pergola In UAE, and provide maintenance right on schedule.

  • Are pergolas movable?

Yes, the pergolas can be moved once they are installed. You will also adjustable louvers so you can adjust the roof according to the sun.

  • Does pergola protect from rain?

Yes, our automated pergola in UAE will provide sufficient protection from the rain, wind and sun.