Lighting - إضاءة

Landscape lighting and its benefits

When you spend so much effort, time and money on having a magnificent landscape on your property, it is important that they can be viewed during the night as well. Through landscape lighting Dubai services from Romany, you can create a totally different look and meaning in your front and back yard. The landscape will look so appealing and inviting with the right kind of lighting installation, highlighting the best features and drawing attention to the focus points. When you have evening parties or barbeque dinners, you can switch on all the lighting fixtures in the backyard and it would be a great and enjoyable addition. It would also be a great option for those hot summer days because having fun outdoors is always more fun. So, bring out the key features in your landscape and accentuate the best factors through our lighting installations. 

Types of landscape lighting & various options in lighting

At Romany Landscape and Design LLC, you can enjoy various kinds of landscape lighting Dubai services.  The right lighting fixture would accentuate the best features of your outdoors and create a warm and inviting look. Some of the lighting varieties that we provide are:

●     Garden lighting

●     Wall lights

●     Step lights

●     String lights

●     Flood lights

●     Spotlights

With proper lighting in the landscape, your guests will know where to park their cars and avoid running over patches of grass (of your own lawn). Each of these lights serve some purpose or the other. For example, when you install spotlights on the garden, it will highlight certain areas of the garden, while blurring out the less important portions. And with spotlights, you can highlight more areas of the garden from a height, and beautify your yard.

Outdoor garden lighting

Through garden outdoor lighting and landscape lighting Dubai, you can show off your prize plants because at night with the right kind of lighting, they will look absolutely amazing. And look even more meaningful than they did during the day. The lighting can be fixed in such a way that they draw attention to the plants, and not just create spots. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much space outdoors to create a full-fledged garden. With our lighting installations, you can transform a simple looking garden into stunning works of art. 

Team of experts in Romany for landscape lighting

Make your landscape and gardens come to light with the right kind of landscape lighting Dubai. We can help you make the right kind of lighting investment, choose the lighting for your plants and flowers, special lights for your lawn and arrange for the lights to have different temperatures and brightness levels to create an overall effect of true beauty and meaning. Our experts would be involved right from the beginning, right from when the landscape is designed and planned, so they will plan the instalment of the lights to bring out the best points of your outdoors. And of course, with the right lighting arrangement, you can increase the safety and security of the property too, apart from the aesthetic enhancement. 

What makes Romany different from other landscape lighting in Dubai

Romany Landscape and Design LLC provides premier lighting installation services for outdoors, including landscapes and pathways. With our multiple years of experience in the field of lighting, we have a wealth of experience that includes the latest range of IP rated LED lamps to lighting that senses motion, adjusts according to climate and switches itself off during the day. Our specialised knowledge in designing and installing garden lighting have enabled us to provide the best results and the hallmarks of our services are durability, reliability and aesthetically appealing lighting installations.

في روماني لتصميم وتنفيذ الحدائق ، نتفهم أهمية الإضاءة في إنشاء مساحة خارجية جميلة وعملية. لا تعزز الإضاءة المناسبة المظهر الجمالي للمناظر الطبيعية فحسب ، بل تخدم أيضًا أغراضًا عملية مثل السلامة والأمن.

يمكن استخدام إضاءة المناظر الطبيعية لإبراز السمات الرئيسية للعقار ، مثل العناصر المعمارية والحدائق والميزات المائية. يمكن استخدامه أيضًا لخلق إحساس بالأجواء والدفء في مساحة خارجية ، مما يجعله مكانًا مرغوبًا فيه للاسترخاء والترفيه. بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، يمكن أن تساعد الإضاءة الموضوعة بشكل استراتيجي في ردع الجريمة وزيادة السلامة العامة للممتلكات.

سيعمل فريق الخبراء لدينا في روماني لتصميم وتنفيذ الحدائق معك لتصميم وتثبيت خطة إضاءة تكمل المناظر الطبيعية الخاصة بك وتلبي احتياجاتك الخاصة. من مصابيح LED الموفرة للطاقة إلى المصابيح المتوهجة التقليدية ، لدينا مجموعة واسعة من الخيارات للاختيار من بينها. يمكن التحكم في أنظمة الإضاءة لدينا وبرمجتها بسهولة ، مما يتيح لك بسهولة ضبط سطوع وتوقيت الأضواء لتناسب أي مناسبة.

يمكن أن يكون الاستثمار في إضاءة المناظر الطبيعية اختيارًا ذكيًا لأصحاب المنازل والشركات على حدٍ سواء ، حيث يمكن أن يعزز بشكل كبير القيمة الإجمالية والتمتع بمساحة خارجية. اتصل بـ روماني لتصميم وتنفيذ الحدائق لمعرفة المزيد حول كيف يمكننا تحسين الممتلكات الخاصة بك من خلال تركيب الإضاءة الاحترافي.


  • How long should landscape lights last?

There are a few variables to consider regarding the durability of the landscape lights. LED lights can last for about 5 years, and sometimes even longer. If you are looking for a low voltage lighting system, then it can last for around 12 years. Some lights tend to burn out faster than others.

  • What voltage is best for landscape lighting?

Low voltage lighting is the best option for landscape lighting Dubai.  They are easier to install, safe and less expensive, and can be done without the help of a licensed electrician.

  • What is the best location for landscape lighting?

Landscaping lighting Dubai can be used in a number of ways - as highlights, silhouettes, shadows, and wall, up-lighting

  • How do you adjust landscape lights?

Our landscape designers and architects would design the lighting in your landscape in such a way that it highlights the best features of the landscape, how high the lights should be, the timer on the lights, how to disconnect them and so on.

  • Do landscape lights use a lot of electricity?

No, of course now. You can use our landscape lighting Dubai services and save money by consuming very little power. 

  • What color landscape lights are best?

We usually use warm landscape lights of about 2700K-3500K for ambient and accent lighting. This color is comfortable and inviting, and much loved by our clients too.

  • Which type of landscape lighting is easiest to install?

We normally install low-voltage landscaping lighting because it would be easier for the homeowners to replace the lights if they burn out. They are safe, and don't have any risk of electrical shock. You can bury the wires in shallow trenches for additional safety. 

  • Should I leave landscape lighting on all night?

It would be best that you switch off the lights at night because normally it gives the intruders the message that there is nobody home when the lights are on. You can install motion sensors that will light up when there is movement.

  • How far can I run landscape lighting wire?

There is a 100/100 rule in landscape lighting that we follow. According to this rule, we use a maximum length of 100 feet of 12 gauge cable per 100 watts of light. We use voltmeter to correctly check the voltage at the fixture. 

  • Are landscape lights dimmable?

Yes, you can dim the landscape lights. All you need is a transformer that allows dimming and a dimmer switch.